The Real Estate Association In North Cyprus

The Real Estate Association In North Cyprus

The Real Estate Association In North Cyprus

The Real Estate Association has been operating in North Cyprus since 1988 with 10 members. The property system in North Cyprus is somewhat similar to the property sales system in the UK, and the commission rate (service fee) in the statute of the real estate class is between 3 and 5%.
In North Cyprus the seller pays a commission to the real estate and no commission is paid by the buyer to the real estate agency. Recently, a different system has been considered for rents, which is the amount of one month of rent, the real estate commission.
By law, all real estate companies must be members of a real estate association. In this case, any erroneous information and errors that occur on the part of the union member companies, the compensation will be paid to the esteemed customers by following up through the real estate and insurance union. If there is a complaint and the real estate company does not return the amount paid, this action will be prosecuted and the offending union will be referred to the court and the offender will no longer have the right to obtain a sales license.
As a result, anyone wishing to purchase a property in North Cyprus can apply through the guild member companies and view the guild membership form of that company, or visit

In the UK, buying and selling a home is done by lawyers on both sides, so it is rarely a problem for buyers. In Cyprus, there will be no credit agreement without the seal and signature of a lawyer. In this case, choosing the right lawyer is very important.

Manufacturers generally have fixed contracts, but this does not mean that the contract is unchangeable. For any contract, go to the tax office within 21 days to have the contract sealed by the tax office. Otherwise, the purchased property is non-transferable and only written between two people.
You can make your suggestions and complaints by phone by visiting the Real Estate and Head Office website located in Lefkosa, in the Boyo neighborhood.

Cihanara Company is an official member of the North Cyprus Real Estate Association, always for the satisfaction of our dear customers offers the best services for buying property and investing in North Cyprus.

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