Buy a property in North Cyprus for these reasons

Buy a property in North Cyprus for these reasons

Buy a property in North Cyprus for these reasons

North Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean, an island full of mysteries with Stone Age buildings dating back more than 7,000 BC. The temperate climate, the sandy beaches of the azure Mediterranean Sea, the spectacular nature and the historical monuments, make it known as the pearl of the Mediterranean Sea and one of the most important tourist destinations in the world.

The real estate unit in North Cyprus is the British Pound. And as you know, the pound has always been one of the most valuable currencies in the world.

Buying a property in North Cyprus provides an opportunity to protect your capital against inflation and increase your capital over time. It will also bring you many benefits.

Here are some reasons to buy a property in North Cyprus:


The first and most important principle for immigration for any person is the security of that country. North Cyprus is the fifth safest countries in the world. The security is so high, that you can walk the streets of this city safely until late.

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A thriving and growing economy:

The economy of North Cyprus has been based on a free market system from the beginning. The tourism industry in North Cyprus is the country’s most important source of income. The real estate market has also grown significantly in recent years due to high demand. Over the past few years, annual growth in property prices in North Cyprus has been estimated at between 8% and 16%. Property construction plays a major role in the North Cyprus economy.

High educational and health facilities:

A healthy environment with high standards and the existence of international schools, world-renowned universities with excellent facilities in North Cyrpus is the best option to enter the labor market. Schooling in North Cyprus is in English and allows foreign students to grow up in a healthy environment in contact with students from different cultures.
One of the great advantages of North Cyprus schools is that they focus on the talents and interests of the students and nurture their talents.
The health system of North Cyprus has high standards in both the private and public sectors. Medical services in the public sector are provided free of charge or at a reasonable cost.The number of public hospitals and private clinics available is large due to its small population.
However, the cost of medical procedures in North Cyprus is not very high. Individuals can benefit from health insurance services by using various types of supplementary insurance, or by using insurance while working.

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Buy a property in North Cyprus for these reasons-cihanara

Very reasonable property prices:

Due to the geographical location of North Cyprus, property prices are very low compared to their counterparts. The benefits of buying a property in North Cyprus are the price of houses and apartments. The real estate market in North Cyprus currently offers the best prices among the Mediterranean countries. Coastal property prices start at 40,000 GBP. Luxurious apartments and penthouses are sold with the best conditions at a very reasonable price.

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Low property tax rate:

Property purchase tax in North Cyprus is levied only once, which is very low compared to the rest of the world. The cost of stamping and contract registration at the Cyprus Registry is equal to 0.5%, 5% of the property value, VAT and 3% of the property value is the final transfer fee. Resale properties not need to pay taxes because the previous buyer has paid taxes.

Property purchase tax in North Cyprus

Appropriate and long-term payment terms:

Buying property in North Cyprus is in cash and in installments. Multi-year interest-free installments or long-term installments with very low bank interest rates and no guarantee required.

Entering North Cyprus without obtaining a visa:

All you need to enter North Cyprus is a valid passport valid for at least 6 months. Upon arrival, people will receive a tourist visa for 30 to 90 days and will be able to extend their stay if necessary.

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No obligation on condition of permanent presence in North Cyprus:

Issuance of residency is not required for permanent presence in North Cyprus and forcing to live in Cyprus.
The buyer can leave or enter North Cyprus at any time.For this reason, some people leave Cyprus by buying a property and obtaining a residence permit, leaving the house for annual rent and earning a pound rent from it.

Get a residence permit easily:

If you are buying a property in North Cyprus and owning a home, you will receive yourself and your family’s accommodation in the shortest possible time. All the steps and administrative affairs related to receiving the residence are done by Cihanara Company in the shortest time.

Buy a property in North Cyprus for these reasons-cihanara


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