Buy property online in North Cyprus

Buy property online in North Cyprus

Buy property online in North Cyprus

Buy property online in North Cyprus during the outbreak of corona virus can be easily done. Cihanara Company has solved this problem for you.

All you have to do is to check our website, select your favorite property from the complete list of properties in North Cyprus that our consultants have prepared and finally contact us through the communication channels posted on the site.

Our consultants organize virtual tours to visit your selected properties and you can walk around the properties online and explore them.

Buying a property in North Cyprus does not require the physical presence of the buyer, and as a result, Cihanara Company, with the help of its lawyers, arranges a valid and guaranteed contract and buys your house at the best price. and also you can be with us via video call.

If you wish, you can show these contracts to your lawyer to ensure the purchase of your property and investment in North Cyprus.
It should be noted that you can also travel to North Cyprus and choose your home up close. In this case, after arriving in North Cyprus, you must stay in quarantine for 2 weeks and then Cihanara Company will welcome you and take you to your place of residence (which is available to you for free for 6 days). After a short break, your tour will start and Cihanara consultants will show you the most suitable property according to your taste, and you can buy your favorite property in person.

Because it is a bit difficult to buy a property in North Cyprus in person, Cihanara offers you an online home purchasing.

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