Buying Property in North Cyprus

Buying Property in North Cyprus

Buying Property in North Cyprus

Buying property In North Cyprus is a profitable investment. North Cyprus is an important center in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. It is located at the crossroads of Europe, Africa and Asia. This country has a very rich culture. The economy of North Cyprus has grown tremendously. In general the country has been able to make serious improvements in the field of transport and the legal and service sectors. Moreover, the government of North Cyprus is still thinking about improving its economic situation.  They are also trying to provide the conditions for people who are in a good financial position to travel to North Cyprus and participate in government projects in that country. There are various reasons for people to immigrate or invest in North Cyprus. Every day, the number of people from different nationalities buying property in North Cyprus is increasing. Currently the real estate market in North Cyprus offers the best prices among the Mediterranean countries.

It should be noted that countries which, economies are based on tourism will have a bright future.

Buying property in North Cyprus

Buying Property in North Cyprus

The price of buying home in North Cyprus in the coastal areas starts at 40,000 GBP for an apartment. There are also many reasonable prices luxurious apartments and penthouses with the best conditions. Above all, they are much cheaper than similar property prices in other parts of the world. The annual growth of investment in real estate and property purchase in North Cyprus is about 8 to 16%. Also, due to the tourist attractions of North Cyprus, a large number of travelers go there every year and see the conditions, decide to immigrate and stay in North Cyprus. There is no need to establish a company to buy property in North Cyprus. The administrative and legal process of buying property on the island is also very simple. By paying 30% of the total amount, the costumer will register the house and it is immediately possible to perform the residence process. This process lasts a maximum of two weeks.

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