Cihanara Special Sales Festival

Cihanara Special Sales Festival

Cihanara Special Sales Festival

Cihanara intends to provide a suitable opportunity for its customers to participate in Cihanara  Festival, which provides you with a 5% discount on the property price and other valuable gifts such as tickets and quarantine for 2 people, free transfer from the airport, 1 week free accommodation, 1 week free vehicle and 5 kitchen utensils as well as residence in one of the safest and most beautiful countries in the world. Also our dear customers who for any reason are not able to come to North Cyprus can pay 2,000 pounds during the festival to enjoy its special conditions even after the festival is over.

Note: According to Cihanara’s new policies and due to the expansion of digital currencies, from now on, dear customers can buy property in North Cyprus with the digital currency “Bitcoin” and “tether” without commission.
It should be noted that the amount of Bitcoin and Tether paid for the property will be calculated accordance with the update value of dollars.

Get your residence permit for your family and yourself by buying a property in North Cyprus at a very low price compared to their counterparts.

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