Everything about North Cyprus

Everything about North Cyprus

Everything about North Cyprus

North Cyprus, pearl of the Mediterranean

This beautiful island is bordered by Turkey to the north and Egypt to the south. It shares borders with Syria to the east and Greece to the west. North Cyprus is a mountainous island with mountains in the north and southwest. The city of Nicosia is the capital of North Cyprus and has a population of about 73,000. There are many office buildings in this city.

There are many shopping malls and tourist attractions in North Cyprus. The country has very attractive restaurants, bars, cafes and pubs. The production sector in North Cyprus has grown significantly. Goods in North Cyprus meet EU standards and can be exported to European countries without the need for taxes.

Every thing about North Cyprus
Every things about North Cyprus

Economy of North Cyprus

The status of North Cyprus has grown significantly, and construction projects are making a big contribution to this growth. It also ranks well in oil and gas which is one of the most lucrative sectors in North Cyprus. It is worth noting that the educated population in North Cyprus is increasing day by day and the country attaches more importance to higher education than before.

North Cyprus has grown significantly in terms of education systems, and the country has an education and work environment where people can afford to live. In North Cyprus, people studying medicine and nursing earn a good income and grow well. North Cyprus is very successful in the field of tourism and has been able to provide a large turnover in this field.

Real estate is another growing sector in North Cyprus and is, of course, the most important economic sector in the country. Many projects are being built in North Cyprus with many facilities as well as reasonable prices that have attracted the attention of investors around the world to buy property in North Cyprus.

Other Things to Know

North Cyprus has also been able to perform in the best possible way in terms of medical services.The main religions in Cyprus are Greek Orthodoxy and Islam, while North Cyprus is more religious.The family is an important and widespread part of North Cyprus, so respecting adults is very important. There are also many family celebrations in this country.People shake hands when meeting.

Modest behavior is so important in North Cyprus that you often run into problems if you turn down a person’s coffee or drink offer.

In North Cyprus, people wear informal clothes, but for business meetings, most people wear formal clothes. The people of North Cyprus often speak Turkish and English.The Mediterranean climate of North Cyprus has attracted a large number of tourists each year to enjoy its pleasant sunshine and enchanting beaches. The summers of North Cyprus are not annoying and there are generally many sunny days. Winters in North Cyprus are also mild, but there is rain and snow in the mountainous parts.

Everything about North Cyprus

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