How to trust Cihanara

How to trust Cihanara:

  • Cihanara team has 7 years of experience in buying and selling real estate and investing in North Cyprus.
  • Cihanara has 2 official and registered offices in Kyrenia and Famagusta.
  • This Company consists of more than 10 experts in the field of real estate.
  • Cihanara has official contracts with prestigious universities in North Cyprus to accept students.
  • Radio Cyprus, as the first and oldest Persian language information source in North Cyprus, has been operating since 2014 to broadcast news and information in various fields, and since the beginning of 2019, it has expanded its activities under the supervision of Cihanara Company.
  • Cihanara is one of the largest real estate reference and guide in North Cyprus with contracts with the most famous real estate companies in North Cyprus.
  • More than 20 countries around the world are acting as our real estate agents for sale and investment, such as Britain, Germany, Iran, Switzerland, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Jordan, Israel, Estonia, Sweden, Romania, USA, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Moldova, etc.

Due to the spread of Corona virus, if you refuse to travel, we will help you to choose the property you want online and make a profitable investment by buying a property in North Cyprus, and obtain residence permit for your family members.

Feel free to contact us for a safe and profitable purchase and investment in North Cyprus.


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