Ghost Town of North Cyprus

Ghost Town of North Cyprus

Ghost Town of North Cyprus

“Ghost Town” is the name given to Varosha (Marash) region, in south of Famagusta.

After the division of Cyprus, in 1974, Varosha became a military zone and its inhabitants left their homes. This neighborhood has still remained intact and no one can enter it. Abandoned beach hotels, uninhabited houses and empty shops make you feel like time has stopped in this area.

Now, the government of North Cyprus, intends to make Ghost Town a global tourist destination. In other words tourists should not look at it from behind the barbed wires anymore. In Varosha you can see cars from 40 years ago in the streets.

According to reports, the Council of Ministers has taken steps to open the doors of this region. A team of international experts will submit a comprehensive and accurate report on the status of movable and immovable properties to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As a result, the government will reopen the city for the use and residence of people and they will also return the properties to their owners fairly.

Now the North Cyprus government has opened some parts of  Marash and people can also visit its beach.It must be very exciting to see houses that have been abandoned with all their furniture for 40 years.

Varosha used to be one of the most popular and crowded tourist centers in Cyprus. This city still has so many potentials. In a meeting in Varosha the minister announced that the reopening of Varosha could bring significant benefits to the economy of North Cyprus.

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