Historical places of North Cyprus

Historical places of North Cyprus

Historical places of North Cyprus

North Cyprus is the eastern most island of the Mediterranean Sea, with a colorful past and many legends.It is a country of unique historical monuments, medieval castles and antiquities as a result it will amaze you on the first sight.

In this article, we are introducing some of the most spectacular ancient monuments of this country.

The Ancient Ruins of Salamis:

The Ancient Salamis in North Cyprus has been recorded in history from 1100 B.C. The city is located in 6 km north of the modern city of Famagusta and the beautiful beaches of Karpaz Peninsula are located near it. By roaming around the remnants of the Salamis the rich history of Cyprus island would be observed. At the central point of Salamis, The giant Hellenic headless sculptures which have been distorted by radical Christians attract the attention of the visitors. Salamis had been a part of the Assyrian empires, Egypt, Iran, and ancient Rome in the past and after many centuries it still reflects the vestiges of these civilizations. Historians believe that Salamis became the great business center at 8 B.C. The Special water supply facilities, coliseum and the royal family cemetery in this place indicate the abundance of wealth which once has been flowing all over it. Today, tourists from all over the world are heading to North Cyprus to look for the ancient lives that are still resonating on the rocks of Salamis North Cyprus.

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Saint Hilarion Castle:

St. Hilarion Castle, near Kyrenia, is one of the remaining castles from the 11th century. This castle was originally a church and took its name from a man called Hilarion. The castle is located on hills 732 meters high. As a result it shows you a fascinating view of the city of Kyrenia and the Mediterranean Sea.

Saint Hilarion Castle

Buffavento Castle:

Buffavento means “built by the wind”. Above all, it is the tallest castle in North Cyprus. To reach the castle, you have to reach the top of the Kyrenia mountain range. There is also a beautiful view on your way up and then you reach concrete stairs. The entrance to the castle is very attractive, furthermore there is a café with an amazing view. The bottom of the castle used to be the residence of ancient people, made of very spectacular houses and rooms.

Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque:

One of the most attractive historical places in North Cyprus is Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque which is the largest medieval building in Famagusta. This mosque used to be a church and it also has an attractive Gothic style architecture, its design reminds us of the famous Paris Cathedral.

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Kyrenia Harbour:

Kyrenia is a town on the north coast of Cyprus, known for its historic harbour and castle. The city has an old port that you must visit in North Cyprus. Kyrenia Harbour is surrounded by cafes and restaurants which are the best places to try the taste of local Cypriot cuisine.

The City Walls of Famagusta:

The old town of Famagusta is surrounded by huge historical walls dating back to the Middle Ages, although the walls have remained intact to this day very well.

wall of famagusta-cihanaraKyrenia Castle:

Kyrenia Castle is located in Kyrenia Harbor which dates back to the 16th century. Inside the walls of the castle is a 12th century church, the dome of this church is placed on marble pillars.The castle above the great east port makes an extraordinary view of the city. Just walk around the harbor and your imagination will take you on a trip in the history thanks to the cobblestones narrow alleys and their old buildings that are mostly renovated without losing their real looks. Or you can sit in a chair of a cafe and sink into the Mediterranean blue landscape to soothe yourself from the noisy world.

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Bellapais Monastery:

The quiet and beautiful neighborhood of Bellapis has eye-catching views, small streets and ancient buildings. Undoubtedly, one of the most important features of this neighborhood is the beautiful monastery of Bellapais. In addition, the restaurants and cafes around it are very attractive to tourists. Today, people use the monastery’s dining hall  for concerts and lectures,in addition, they hold some local music festivals there.

Kantara Castle:

Kantara Castle was built in the Byzantine period in 965 in order to protect the Karpaz Peninsula after the Arab invasion. This castle is located at an altitude of 610 meters and is very easy to access. Just visit this castle on a sunny day and it will amaze you by the spectacular views of the Karpaz Peninsula, Salamis Bay, Famagusta and other parts of North Cyprus.

Büyük Han:

Büyük Han is the largest caravansarai in Cyprus and is considered to be one of the finest buildings on the island. Located in the capital of Cyprus, it was built by the Ottomann in 1572. In the centre of the open courtyard is a mosque with a fountain. After spending most of the 1990s being restored, the inn has been revived as a thriving arts centre, consisting of several galleries and workshops. There are also several courtyard cafes and souvenir shops there.


Church of St. Barnabas:

St. Barnabas is the name of a monastery between Tuzla and Salamis, 10 km from Famagusta, and is the name of one of the most famous bishops of Cyprus, who persuaded the Roman King of Cyprus, Sergio Paulus, to convert to Christianity. With this, Cyprus was the first country in the world to have a Christian ruler. The church has been run by three priest brothers since 1916. The murals are the work of the three brothers. 1991 Restoration of the church begins and the monastery rooms are converted into museums, and many works of art are preserved, including the best collection of Bronze Age artifacts, as well as relics from the ancient city of Ancomi in ancient Egypt. Barnabas is located
St. Barnabas was killed in 75 AD and his body is hidden in a swamp, but his friends find his body and in 477 AD his body is discovered and a tomb is built for him in the same place.

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