Home entertainment during quarantine

Home entertainment during quarantine

Home entertainment during quarantine

Staying at home does not mean experiencing boring and dull days. In these days of quarantine, it is not possible to have fun outside the house and we only go out to do the necessary work. But how do we spend our time at home? we suggested you to do some home entertainment.

Schools and universities are closed and all families face many restrictions. One of the main concerns of people these days is finding solutions to entertain themselves or their children at home. In fact, these days can be the best opportunity to increase the relationship between family members and expand children’s participation in household chores. Successful and happy children grow up in happy and peaceful homes, so we should try to spend a little creativity and fill this time with fun entertainment so that children can enjoy their childhood away from any stress. And experience a lot of joy at home.

Of course, all this is possible when all family members can find their favorite hobbies in this period of lock down, to succeed in keeping motivated and creating a friendly and happy atmosphere at home.

Here, we provide you with a complete list of exciting hobbies that you can do at home. In fact, men and women of all ages can benefit from this list to have fun at home.

Learn a new skill:

During quarantine can use the online courses that are held, to learn new professions and skills. There are many educational sites and blogs on the Internet that can help you learn the skills you want for free. If you need textbooks to improve your learning, you can buy the e-books or audio books you want. You can also order them from online bookstores. Find your inner artist. Art is a great way to nurture creativity and having a good time. In addition, the art and skill you learn will always be valuable and practical as a treasure for you. Arts such as sewing, weaving, pottery, jewelry making or leather embroidery are among these arts. Learning music on your own through videos and educational software, learning different languages, painting, drawing and painting, carpentry and making small wooden tools, or learning to write and practice writing a story or poem are some of the skills you can easily learn. And as a result, you will make the most of your time and it is a valuable home entertainment.

online course

Turn cooking into a group fun:

You can start a contest at home called “The Top Chef”. In this competition, a group is responsible for cooking at home every day. And on the weekend, the top chef will be selected.

You can consider a small prize for this contest. In this game, children can play the role of a little chef who will help you. In addition to fun and competitive competition, children will learn cooking skills, and more importantly teamwork and participation. You can even list the ingredients you have in the fridge one day and try to write a new recipe and cook it together, if you liked the food, you can choose a name for it and cook it sometimes late.

During Covid-19 lock down, you can also learn how to cook new, international food, desserts, cakes and sweets. it seems to be a good home entertainment.

cooking into a group

Bring nature home:

During quarantine if you have a yard, roof and even a balcony in the house, you can spend time outdoors and enjoy.

For example, you can camp yourself. Tent, take out your sleeping bags. Bring a flask of tea or coffee and fruit and sweets. You can teach your kids camping skills, tell interesting stories, and see constellations in the night sky. (Of course, if the sky is clear). The experience of seeing the stars and the night sky can be very enjoyable; Especially if you have a little information about galaxies and their positions, otherwise you can do a little research on the stars and try to find the stars in the sky, which is very fun and useful.

There are some apps on smartphones that find stars and constellations in the sky and give you interesting information. We highly recommend you using these applications.

Bring nature home

Bring the fun park home:

During quarantine make dishes for the night that you usually eat at amusement parks. Such as hot dog sandwiches, French fries, Mexican corn and cotton candies.

Put games in different corners of the house such as throwing hoops, darts, bowling, basketball with socks, apple bite match, eating yogurt without using hands and …. You can even build a castle and play in it using cardboard boxes, blankets, chairs and pillows.

You can also play “Looking for Treasures”. This game is a search for hidden objects, in which you write clues on a piece of paper (treasure map) and hide your children’s favorite toy or food somewhere in the house or the castle you have built. The children will search for clues and anyone who finds them, will get the reward.

Bring the fun park home

yoga exercises:

During quarantine in addition to physical activity, yoga exercises also help increase children’s awareness. Of course, encouraging children to practice yoga, even for a short time, may seem difficult; But you can solve this problem by providing clips that are specific to teaching yoga to children and that contain different stories and characters, and so on. It is very important that you join them and practice with them, so that you will be active at home and won’t lose your physical health and you can also encourage your children.

Yoga at home

Reading books, writing stories, doing plays, doing puzzles of hundreds or thousands pieces, playing board games, making creative videos, visiting museums and virtual art centers, conducting scientific experiments, home interior design and decoration, watching movies and TV series Cultivation, flowers, etc., are other enjoyable home entertainment.

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