Investing in North Cyprus

Investing in North Cyprus

Investing in North Cyprus

Home purchase in North Cyprus

The annual increase in demand for home purchase in North Cyprus has led to a significant increase in property prices in the country. You do not need to set up a company to invest in North Cyprus and the legal process is very simple. You can buy your favorite property and benefit investing in North Cyprus. When you arrive in this country, you will receive a 90-day residence visa. It is possible to obtain a residence card in this country without a permanent presence on the island.

Investing in North Cyprus

Buy and Rent

Buying properties in North Cyprus is undoubtedly a safe investment, since your house will have a rental guarantee. It means that just after purchasing your favorite house, you will receive a monthly rent.

Buying property in North Cyprus is one of the most lucrative ways to invest. It is always possible to rent a house because of the presence of international students. In other words, if you are looking for a safe way to get a quick return on investment, you can choose North Cyprus. In addition, after investing in this country, you can apply for permanent residency and citizenship in North Cyprus.

Advantage of investing in North Cyprus

Other advantage of investment in North Cyprus are the very reasonable price of the house compared to other European countries. Low population, growing economy, high security and low crime rate, no need for physical presence to buy property, high educational and health facilities, very good tax laws, low-interest loans for buying property, and conditions for cash and installment payments are other advantages of investing in North Cyprus. The majority of people can speak English in North Cyprus.

Investing in North Cyprus

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