Is it safe to buy property in North Cyprus?

Is it safe to buy property in North Cyprus?

Is it safe to buy property in North Cyprus?

Many people who want to buy property in North Cyprus want to know whether buying property in North Cyprus is safe and hassle free.

This concern is usually due to the fact that they do not have accurate information about North Cyprus and the purchase of property in that country. They are also unaware of the changes that have taken place in the North Cyprus property market laws over the past few years, making North Cyprus a very safe place to shop.

Title deeds:

There is more than one type of title deeds in North Cyprus. These documents are divided into two main categories: Pre-74 and TRNC Title.

It is important to note that the purchase of both types of documents is equally “safe” and we guarantee the validity of both title deeds.

TRNC Title Deeds:

Documents with the TRNC Title used to be known as Esder or Exchange and TMD.

The important question is which document is better to choose? Are they both equally “valid”? Is one more valuable than the other?

Since March 2010, the consensus among international investors has been that both types of title deeds in North Cyprus are equally “secure and valid”

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Title Deeds Validity:

Title deeds in North Cyprus are valid. There is now a fast process for obtaining a purchase permit in North Cyprus. It’s good to know that all ownership documents are fully valid. So where these misconceptions come from?

Several years ago, for a period of political reasons, people who bought houses in buildings on pre-74 lands did not receive a “purchase permit” (p2p). But this license is now issued quickly for all documents.

There are rare cases where there are barriers to giving ownership to a buyer. Moreover, sometimes a property has been sold to more than one person. Cihanara advises you to consult with a lawyer before paying for and buying a property in North Cyprus.

If you want to know if “is it safe to buy property in North Cyprus?” our experienced consultants and lawyers will answer all your questions in this field 24 hours a day.


  1. We are debating whether to purchase a property in Northern Cyprus. I am Aware of the political history etc. The main issue for us is title deeds. Is there a quick way to check out a companies bona fides re deeds?. What should we do before placing a booking deposit? Does the estate agents bill protect buyers & can we pursue a permission to purchase(p2p) in advance?. All valid questions_hearing mixed reports on purchasing in kyrenia. What or who would you recommend to speak to prior to purchasing a property?.
    Sound legal & impartial advice is what we need!..
    Thank you.
    Yours etc,
    Mike costello.

    1. Hello
      We will email you all the necessary information on Monday. have a good day

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