Make money by renting your property

Make money by renting your property

Make money by renting your property

North Cyprus is located in the south of Turkey and in the east of the Mediterranean Sea, and due to its beautiful nature, temperate climate, sandy and rocky beaches, 300 sunny days and varied and cheap recreation compared to other countries, it attracts many tourists and due to the existence of world-renowned universities, a large number of students enter North Cyprus every year, and the demand for rental property is very high.

Property rental

Property deals in North Cyprus is in British Pounds. The pound has always been one of the most valuable currencies in the world.

By buying a property in North Cyprus, you will not only experience a lucrative investment due to the 8 to 16% annual growth in property prices, but you will also have a great opportunity to earn money from your property. You can rent your property daily, monthly and annually through Cihanara team and earn in pounds.

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