Make your home look bigger

Make your home look bigger

Make your home look bigger

Use bright colors and clever contrasts

Choosing a color is one of the easiest things to do to make your home look bigger, and choosing a color can enhance your home. It is a well-known fact in interior design that bright colors make your living space bigger and brighter. In fact, bright walls with the reflection of natural and artificial light make your living space look bigger. On the other hand, dark colors tend to absorb light and make the room smaller. You can use soft colors such as white, blue and green for this purpose and always remember that rooms with a light color look bigger and more attractive. By using light colors, the walls will seem to be farther away and thus your living room will look bigger.

Use mirrors and glass

Using glass and mirrors increases the reflection of light in your house, and if your house does not have windows, you can use mirrors and glass for more light, because it affects the lighting the most. They can make your living space bigger. Mirrors reflect both natural and artificial light and make your room look bigger during the day and night. They direct light into the room, making your room look visually larger. We suggest that you place the mirror near the windows so that it can effectively bring the light of the outside space into the house.

Natural light

If your room has windows, you can use natural light during the day, and if possible, install a larger window from the beginning to let more light into your home, and you can use curtains for more beauty. The presence of natural light inside the room opens up your space and makes your room look bigger. If you do not have much natural light in the room, you can also use lighting fixtures to have this effect on the room environment. You will surely be amazed at the effect it has on the room by implementing this idea

Small space

Do not forget the long curtains

One of the best places to visually enlarge your home is the windows. Most interior designers recommend using long curtains from the ceiling to the floor for windows, and even allow the curtains to be about two or three centimeters above the floor. In fact, long curtains cause the eyes to rise along the length of the curtain, creating the illusion that the room is too high.

This idea is not just about curtains, and you can use tall artwork or decorative pendant lights or any vertical decorative device for this purpose. It is also better to choose the color of the curtain, the same color or similar to the color of the walls. In this way, by creating a harmonious and integrated space and uniform walls, you can easily make your small space look big. If you have access to natural light, be sure to bring it into the house with the help of large windows and do not cover the windows with thick curtains in any way.

You can use silk curtains to cover the windows or you can remove the curtains completely from the home decoration and let more light shine into the room. If your window view is bad, you can draw attention to it with the help of flowers and plants

Have a tidy space

Crowded and cluttered spaces make your room look cramped and cluttered. Always tidy up and organize your room. Never use a lot of photo frames to decorate the wall of the room. In the decoration of small and narrow spaces, a large painting is much better than a large number of small paintings. Because it makes the decoration of your home look crowded and the small space is more visible.

Try to keep the floor as empty as possible. It is better to remove large rugs from the room for make your home look bigger.

Small space

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