North Cyprus Property Inspection Trip

North Cyprus Property Inspection Trip

North Cyprus Property Inspection Trip

How Cihanara help you to buy a property and invest in one of the safest and most beautiful islands in the world?

Cihanara Welcoming your arrival in North Cyprus and offering 6 days of free accommodation. we are planning a memorable and fun trip to make a profitable investment in North Cyprus for applicants who are seriously considering buying a property in North Cyprus to find their dream property by becoming more familiar with North Cyprus.

North Cyprus Property Inspection Trip:

  • We welcome you at the airport and transfer you to your accommodation
  • Accommodation in the best apartments with unique facilities
  • Consult with our experts to get to know more about North Cyprus and its properties (We coordinate various projects to visit by collecting your information such as budget, area and location of the property, coastal or mountainous and other facilities that you are considering.)
  • Daily tour of neighborhoods, unique properties with credit loans and special discounts, the best construction companies as well as awareness of very different payment terms
  • Free consultation with our experienced lawyers for safe investment in North Cyprus
  • Visit the sights and historical sites of Cyprus

After 4 days inspection of projects Dear customers have acquired sufficient knowledge of the Cyprus environment to select the desired property. After selecting the desired property, we are with our experienced lawyers will perform all the steps such as the administrative process of registering the document and obtaining a residence in North Cyprus in the shortest time.

Therefore you will multiply your experience of visiting North Cyprus into several amazing experiences. It is to be mentioned no matter what is your final choice, we would be glad of the time that we spent with you.

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