Residence permit in North Cyprus

Residence Permit in North Cyprus

Obtaining residence permit in North Cyprus

Generally, obtaining residence permit in North Cyprus is an easy process. More importantly, our professional team will help you through this way.

Upon each entry to North Cyprus, the travelers obtain a tourist visa. Usually the duration of the stay can be up to 90 days. This visa is not equivalent of working visa. Before the deadline, the person should leave the country in order not to face any penalty.

Those above 60 years old and the ones who seek to retire in North Cyprus do not require a residency permit at the moment. In order to be aware of the most recent rules and regulations, you can contact our offices.

Those below age of sixty, who are wishing to stay in North Cyprus longer, should apply for residency permit. In order to gain such permit, you need to apply to the immigration department.

Documents you need:

  • Original Passport and full photocopy
  • Title deeds of your property under your name (along with photocopies) or Contract of sale original copy and photocopies. In case of living in a rental, the Tenancy Agreement original copy and photocopies are also needed.
  • A letter from local authority/area chief (Commonly known as Muhtar), in order to certify that you reside in that area. In Turkish this letter is known as Ikametgah Belgesi (certificate of residence). You can usually find the Muhtar by help of anyone in the area.
  • 2 Passport sized photographs
  • 50 TL stamps to be gained from Post office (usually the Muhtar has the stamps as well)
  • North Cyprus active bank account with sufficient funds to ensure the financial support for you without working in the country. Usually this amount is between (100-120 thousand TL) approximately 20,000$.
  • You are able to use the funds in your account after you receive the bank statement. However, you should show such statement to the authorities each year.

What to do next?

After representing such documents to the immigration office, they will tell you which hospital you should attend in order to finalize your medical check. They usually do such tests in the State Hospital but in some cases, it is possible to do it in other clinics as well. This test is for checking any infectious diseases you may have. (HIV, Hepatitis, TB) In conclusion, after receiving the test results; in order to finalize the procedure, you should take the report unopened to the immigration office. Most importantly, children under the age of 18 do not require to apply for such permissions.

Note: This type of residency permit only entitles you to live in North Cyprus. It does not allow you to work or start a business there. For such permission, you should apply for working visa or any other relevant permissions

Applying for Residence Permit in North Cyprus

In order to apply for the White Card or Permanent Residency in North Cyprus, you should represent the following documents:

  • Owning a £125,000 worth of property (single property)
  • Continuous residency in North Cyprus during the year (you can spend less than 40 days out of the country)
  • For those above sixty – 3 years of continuous residency permit, For those under sixty – 6 years of continuous residency permit
  • Valid health insurance


Foreigners who wish to gain full citizenship of North Cyprus should have the White Card. Surely the White Card is not the only mandatory requirement, however it is the most important one and the first step towards full citizenship.

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1. How to get a residence permit in North Cyprus?

There are several ways to in get a residence permit in North Cyprus but the best and fastest way to get a residence permit in North Cyprus is to buy a property.

2. Will only the buyer of the property receive North Cyprus residence؟

No, you get residence permit for yourself and family by buying property in this country. It should be noted that people under the age of 18 and over the age of 60 do not need a residence permit to stay in North Cyprus

3. Do I have to settle in North Cyprus after receiving my residency?

No, it is possible to obtain a residence without a permanent presence on the island.


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