Study in North Cyprus

Study in North Cyprus

Study in North Cyprus is slightly different from other countries. To begin with, the first academic year in Cyprus leads to a certificate. After completing a high school course, the person enters this stage. The purpose of this period is to prepare the person for work and presence in the community. The next period is the diploma, in which a person should complete two academic years. The next term is “higher diploma”. The duration of this period is 3 years. The next term is bachelor, which lasts for four years. After that, you can spend 2 more years to earn a Master’s degree. After the Master’s course, you can study 3-4 years for PhD.

Studying at universities in North Cyprus is built on modern European standards. In other words, is an excellent opportunity for you to receive an advanced education at a reasonable price.


Best Cyprus Universities:

Eastern Mediterranean University:

This is a university in Cyprus with it’s highest academic reputation in the field of medicine and amazing reputation in every other faculty.

Near East:

This university is a non-profit academic education center located in North Cyprus. It is also a permanent member of the Federation of Islamic World Universities.

Girne University in Cyprus: Girne University with 11 colleges including:

Law School, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Performing Arts, School of Architecture, Design and Visual Arts, an addition to the University of Science and Communication, University of the Humanities, Faculty of Tourism and Guest Hospitality, School of Business and Economics, GAU faculties. There is also the High School of Aviation which is one of the prestigious academic centers in the country.

Higher education in North Cyprus is the best opportunity for foreigners. Because when you study in North Cyprus, it gives you the right to be employed in leading international companies and organizations.


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