The Economy of North Cyprus

The Economy of North Cyprus

The Economy of North Cyprus

The economy of North Cyprus has been based on a free market system from the beginning. The tourism industry is the most important source of income in this country. Major exports in North Cyprus include dairy products, especially the traditional Cypriot cheese called Halloumi cheese, which has been very influential in the economic turnover of the country. North Cyprus also ranks well in the field of tobacco and industrial products, as well as clothing and handicrafts. Major imports into North Cyprus also include food and oil as well as chemical products. The country of North Cyprus does not have mines, so it needs to import.

In recent years, we have witnessed economic growth in this country, so that it has been able to generate good income in the fields of electrical engineering, international investments, IT and communications, etc.

In the economy of North Cyprus, there is a vacancy in the scientific and technical fields, so that the recruitment of skilled labor in this country is progressing day by day. The recruitment of foreign troops in this country is increasing day by day.


North Cyprus generally has a high level of job security, meaning that jobs meet the required standards. The growth of tourism in the country of North Cyprus is increasing day by day and this country has been able to achieve good growth periodically. North Cyprus is an excellent country in terms of tourism.


The field of law in North Cyprus has a very high income. So that people in this field can achieve good profits and income. As it turns out, imports and exports in North Cyprus also have excellent revenue-generating systems, and job security in North Cyprus is improving day by day. The country has also increased its economic turnover in the field of construction. The tax system in North Cyprus is very simple, so people do not have to pay much in the tax sector.

Imports and trade

North Cyprus generally has a very strong working environment. People who do business in this country earn a good income. Cyprus generally has a large port that has achieved excellent trade growth. Imports and trade in North Cyprus are generally very prosperous so the businessmen in North Cyprus can earn a good income.


Another thriving field in North Cyprus is accounting. Accounting is one of the most sought after jobs in North Cyprus throughout the year. Marketing and business programs can also be on the list of lucrative jobs.


Advertising is also highly lucrative in this country. If you have studied graphic arts or have experience in virtual advertising as well as branding, you will enter the job market in North Cyprus quickly. Art and related disciplines are very strong in North Cyprus. In general, art in this country has constructive ranks.

North Cyprus is one of the most productive countries in the world. Immigrating to North Cyprus can provide a very valuable future for yourself and your family. In immigration to any country, what is very important is income generation. The minimum wage in North Cyprus in 2020 is about 2057 Turkish lira.

Students in North Cyprus are not allowed to work full-time, but part-time work is provided for them, which is around 1,100 to 1,500 TL. According to a poll conducted by the people of this country, life in the country of North Cyprus is standard, there is no news of unreasonable prices. Wages are paid on time and people are provided with a normal life, and the unemployment rate in North Cyprus is very low.

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