The process of buying property in North Cyprus

The process of buying property in North Cyprus

The process of buying property in North Cyprus

The process of buying a property and obtaining a residence permit in North Cyprus is much simpler than in other countries. More importantly, our consultants will be with you to protect your interests. In addition, they will guide and accompany you to obtain residency until the end of the formal process.

To begin with, the process of concluding a property purchase contract in North Cyprus is very simple. To begin with, you need the buyer’s passport. As a foreigner you can easily own the property. The contract is in English and is set in two versions. One of them belongs to the seller and the other to the buyer. However, all versions have equal executive power.
In this article, we will introduce you the steps of buying a property in North Cyprus.

The process of buying property in North Cyprus ,Step one:

Selecting the property
You can find your favorite property through Cihanara website. In other words we help you get all the information you need. After that, all you have to do is contact Cihanara experts. After you have approved your favorite property, for more details, contact us.

Buy property

Step 2:

Book your favorite home in North Cyprus
It is usually customary to pay the company between 1,000 or 2,000 GBP to reserve the property. Therefore, you will remove it from the company’s sales list. After that, the property will be reserved in the name of the buyer. Above all, the main advantage of this is that you will buy the property at the same price as you reserved. Meanwhile, Cihanara Company will do all steps of money transfer to North Cyprus.

Buy property

Step 3:

Free tour to visit the property
Cihanara allows you to submit a request for free accommodation in the property you intend to buy to ensure your purchase. This trip is to make you more familiar with the country of North Cyprus and the property you intend to buy.

Buy property

Step 4:

Sign a property sale contract
If your property is a new building, the contract of sale will include all the important conditions. such as plan number, plan size, price, payment plan, completion date with the relevant clauses to terminate the contract. Moreover, the contract includes all the floor plans and specifications to ensure that the seller is required to carry out construction work in accordance with these items and make profitable investment by buying a home.

Things to Consider When Buying a property in North Cyprus-cihanara

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