Title Deeds in North Cyprus

Title Deeds in North Cyprus

Title Deeds in North Cyprus

Validity of Title Deeds:

By buying property in North Cyprus from Cihanara, you can be sure of the validity of your title deeds. Cihanara always checks the validity of their documents before placing them on their website and therefore it guarantees them.
There is more than one type of title deeds in North Cyprus due to its unique multicultural history. These documents in North Cyprus have two main categories:

Pre-74 and TRNC Title

It is important to note that buying both types of documents is equally “safe” and both the Government of North Cyprus guarantee both.

TRNC title documents include Esder or Exchange and TMD title deeds as well.


The pre-74 ownership document makes up only 10% of North Cyprus. Since March 2010, the consensus among international investors is that both types of title deeds in North Cyprus are equally “safe”.

Before March 2010 (the date on which the European Courts officially handed over the North Cyprus Real Estate Commission), some investors preferred to purchase only the pre-74 title deed. So there is some old and inaccurate information against TRNC documents on the internet.

The PRE-74 (Turkish and English) title deed refers to land or property built in a part of North Cyprus that has never belonged to Greek Cyprus.

Turkish Cypriots tend to buy these lands if possible, because they are emotionally and historically “their land”.

Note: PRE-74 documents now automatically are registered in the name of the new owner, just like TRNC documents.


The TRNC Certificate of Ownership is a newly acquired land or property in North Cyprus that has a new and valid document the Government of North Cyprus issues since the island was divided in 1974.

You can verify all this information through your real estate consultants or lawyers. If necessary, Cihanara will provide you with a list of its proposed lawyers.

For more information, you can contact Cihanara consultants.

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