Tourism In North Cyprus

Tourism In North Cyprus

Tourism In North Cyprus

North Cyprus is an ideal holiday destination and attracts thousands of tourists each year looking for long, pristine natural summers and ancient sites.

Due to the increase in demand, significant investments have been made in the tourism industry of North Cyprus. North Cyprus offers a variety of activities to enjoy – including underwater adventure, boating and sailing, mountaineering, water sports, golf, horseback riding, caving, hiking, diving, festivals and fairs. North Cyprus is an incredible tourist destination full of historical attractions, beautiful scenery, spectacular cities and neighborhoods, excellent accommodation and hospitable people.

North Cyprus has a unique charm that meets the needs of all types of tourists.
North Cyprus is known for its long stretches of pristine sandy beaches in the Carpathians, northwest and east coast. The uniqueness of these beaches is in the transparency and beautiful color of the water, golden sands and also its high security, which makes tourists enjoy swimming, diving and water sports. One of the most famous beaches in North Cyprus is Karpaz Gold Coast – one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. In this beautiful beach you can see many turtles laying eggs there. It is very spectacular and beautiful for the turtles to hatch.

The increase in tourism this year shows that North Cyprus is receiving more and more attention every year.

This beautiful island is known as the “hidden secret” of the Mediterranean!
North Cyprus is also a unique country that can meet all the needs of tourists. This country with its amazing beach and mountain scenery, miles of pristine beaches and the virgin nature of the Karpaz Peninsula, fascinating festivals and poker tournaments attracts around 2.4 million tourists annually. In North Cyprus the crime rate is almost zero. The exchange rate is also very reasonable in this country and the cost of housing, entertainment and food is very cheap and economical. That is why the buying property and investment in North Cyprus is increasing day by day.

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