Education in North Cyprus

Education in North Cyprus

Education in North Cyprus

Many international families wishing to move to and buy property in North Cyprus may have children who need education in the English language. We hope these pieces of information will be of great help to you.

Education in North Cyprus contains three levels. preschool, elementary and high school, and has two types of public and private schools.

In public schools the costs are very low and in private schools the costs vary depending on the school. This includes many facilities such as sports, recreation, swimming pool, music, horseback riding and so on.

The advantage of studying in private high schools in North Cyprus is that it is very easy to enter. Moreover, it attracts graduates to the market, as well as to get admission from top courses in Cyprus universities and international universities.

Schooling in North Cyprus is in English. It allows foreign students to grow up in a healthy environment surrounding by students from different cultures.
An important advantage of North Cyprus Schools education system is that they focus more on the interests. More importantly, it focuses on talents of students in a particular field or subject.

For example, a student who is interested in and talented in music spends more time in music classes. This educational system allows students to graduate in each field of study with full skill and enter the university.
Build a bright future for your children by buying property, investing and settling in North Cyprus.

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