Immigration to North Cyprus

Immigration to North Cyprus

Immigration to North Cyprus

There are many benefits in immigration to North Cyprus. The country has a very safe environment to live in. In North Cyprus the crime rate is very low, so immigrants can choose to live in there without any worries. The country has introduced new education and business policies and, of course, the purchase of real estate, which has led to an increase in the number of immigrants to North Cyprus. The quality of life in North Cyprus is very high.

The number of immigrants to North Cyprus is increasing day by day. One of the reasons is the existence of simpler methods for citizenship.

Immigration to north cyprus

The unparalleled health care is another benefit of migrating to North Cyprus. In this country, there are very well-equipped private hospitals that provide excellent facilities to people. The insurance system in North Cyprus has grown so much that it can cover a variety of specific illness conditions.

Immigration to north cyprus

Property prices in North Cyprus are cheaper than in other countries. This has led to people considering migrating to North Cyprus as a good option by buying real estate.

Immigration to north cyprus

The government has made every effort to make immigration to North Cyprus easier than before. Another important option for migrating to North Cyprus is easy entry into employment. It can be a lifeline for young people suffering from unemployment.


North Cyprus has a large number of universities that provide the European education system with the best facilities so that after studying, it becomes easier for them to enter the workplace. people can enter their desired field of work easily.

study in North Cyprus

In general, buying a property in North Cyprus can be the easiest option among the various ways of migrating to North Cyprus. Permanent residence in North Cyprus is provided for those who have invested a minimum of € 300,000 in the North Cyprus real estate sector. € 200,000 must be provided in cash and the rest in the form of bank facilities and loans. This amount can be used to buy one house or several houses. In this way, it is necessary to have 200,000 Euros, which after a period of 10 years, you can obtain permanent residence in this country and simply prepare the conditions for the citizenship of North Cyprus.

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