Official Currency in North Cyprus

Official Currency in North Cyprus

Official Currency in North Cyprus

North Cyprus is a touristic country and travelers from many parts of the world travel to this country and as a result you can spend euros, pounds dollars and Turkish lira. In other words, shops and restaurants in North Cyprus accept other currencies as well as euros, pounds and dollars and you won’t need to change your money. It is good to know that the official currency in North Cyprus is the Turkish Lira (TL) and this makes North Cyprus a very affordable country for living and spending holidays.

Note: You should consider that you may need to show your passport / ID when exchanging your currency.

More importantly, most of the shopping centers accept bank cards and if you have a bank card you won’t need to buy Lira before traveling to North Cyprus.
When you arrive to North Cyprus, in the Ercan Airport you can change your money with a reasonable rate.

If you don’t want to change your money there just make sure you have some cash because you will need up to £50 in Lira for your taxi.

Note: Buying property in North Cyprus is based on the British pound

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