Why North Cyprus

Why North Cyprus

Historical Sites

North Cyprus is a place full of monuments of the holy ages when civilization was born. The island of Cyprus is the third largest Mediterranean island in the east of the Mediterranean Sea, which is 64 kilometers away from the Turkish beaches. Its ancient kings were associated with the glory of the Roman period. Over the centuries, it has seen many civilizations for its particular position. Cyprus is at the expedition of the three most important continents. North Cyprus is full of signs of a cultural and historical heritage dating back to 10,000 years ago. Some evidence show that the first humans moved to this Island about 8,000 BC.

Nice Weather

North Cyprus has one of the healthiest weathers. There is almost no cold weather, no snowy, and no frosty winds in this area. Precipitation is usually rainfall, even if the snow falls in the mountains, it melts in no time. The coldest month is January, and the average temperature in this month is 10° C . The yearly average of temperature in North Cyprus is around 15 ° C.

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Sandy Beaches

The natural beauty of North Cyprus is most often abstracted on its shores. As you set foot on these beaches, the ​​golden sand and the golden taste will excite you. Get away from the routine life and discover the world’s calmest place, in North Cyprus. While the burning sun shines in North Cyprus, you can go to the beach and enjoy Mediterranean water. Then prepare yourself for a long and enjoyable night with a cool, gentle breeze.

Delicious Food

Cyprus cuisine is endless! At the dinner table you can see traditional Cypriot food. Featuring all kinds of delicious dishes with delicious local fish as well , you will find a variety of international dishes. One of the most delicious food in Cyprus is Peftali Kebab, which is a meat ball. Cyprus has a famous and delicious cheese that we really recommend.

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North Cyprus is one of the world’s finest diving destinations since it has one of the longest diving seasons in the world. You can experience a unique emotion and you will see historical attractions at the bottom of the sea: one of the oldest broken ships in the world. The deep and blue Sea of ​​North Cyprus is so interesting for those who like to watch the underwater world. Diving is not the only entertainment you can enjoy in North Cyprus! Mountaineering, paragliding, carting, paintball and golf are other popular attractions. Golfing is one of the most popular sports ever since. In North Cyprus you can play golf all year round and enjoy watching the Mediterranean sea and the mountains.

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Unique Nature

The relatively undisturbed and virgin nature of North Cyprus has a significant biological diversity. There are about 1900 plant species on the island, of which 19 are native to the North Cyprus. Studies on the banks of the Pedieos River near the city of Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, tell about 750 different plant species, 30 of which are orchids that are only native to Cyprus. There are even some flower festivals annually in North Cyprus.


Economic Development

The economy of North Cyprus has been based on a free market system from the beginning. The country’s main exports are dairy products, especially Halloumi (Hellim) cheese. Agriculture has also greatly influenced the economic turnover of North Cyprus. It is also very successful in the field of tobacco and industrial products, clothing and handicrafts. One of the most important sources of income in North Cyprus is the tourism industry. In recent years, the country’s economy has grown so much that it has been able to generate good income in the fields of electrical engineering, international investment, IT and communications, etc.



Tourism is one of the main factors in the economic development of North Cyprus. Millions of tourists travel to this country every year. In recent years, tourism has been the most important economic pillar of North Cyprus. The government has decided to provide all the necessary facilities for investment in the tourism sector.

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Visa Free-Entry

Entrance to North Cyprus is carried out on a ‘visa on arrival’ basis. At any time you can buy a ticket and fly there. You will obtain your visa when you enter the country. The visa will be valid for 30 to 90 days.

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High Safety

The most surprising fact for foreigners is that people can safely leave their car unlocked outside the house or anywhere else. One of the advantages of living in North Cyprus is the high safety.

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High Real Estate Market Growth

Buying property in North Cyprus is rising and many properties are pre-purchased annually. Due to the relative virginity of the island and its tourism, the demand for property in this country has increased every year. As a result, the price of property and houses is also increasing.

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