Wildlife of North Cyprus

Wildlife of North Cyprus

Wildlife of North Cyprus

Wildlife of North Cyprus

North Cyprus is host to an unusual wildlife. In fact, some fascinating species can be seen at any time of year.

Animals and Flowers

There are an abundance of butterflies and also mammal, reptile and sea species. Above all, you can find examples of wildlife anywhere in the mountains along the unpopulated coastal areas. North Cyprus is also famous for its wild flowers, especially the rare orchids that attract travelers from all over the world. from the 1,900 plant specimens in Cyprus, about 1,500 belong to North Cyprus.

North Cyprus plants include 19 different species of native plants Which are specific to Cyprus and are not found anywhere else in the world. One of the most famous native plants of North Cyprus is Medoş Lalesi, which grows in the hill village of Tepebaşı ve Avtepe, and for this reason, festivals are held in this village every year in March.

Donkeys in North Cyprus

Obviously we must mention the Karpaz donkeys when talking about wildlife of North Cyprus. They are one of North Cyprus’s tourism treasures! You will find them in the Karpaz region of the island, grazing in fields by the roadside. The first signs of the presence of these donkeys on the island date back to the 7th century BC. So they were on the island much earlier than we think.

In the past, donkeys played an important role in the agriculture of the Karpaz Peninsula. Most families often had one or two donkeys and used them to carry loads from groves and fields to mills. In the 1970s, machines replaced donkeys. Subsequently, all the donkeys were collected from all over the island and moved to the wider area where Karpaz National Park is protected.
The wild donkeys of North Cyprus live in small groups and are generally social and like to be in groups. they are usually seen in small groups, consisting of a mother and two or three children. The mother takes care of the children and the father takes care of the whole family, until a year or two later, the father leaves the family to find another female donkey from other groups. But children and mothers have a deeper relationship with their small group.
The main origin of these animals is unknown. It is believed that Abyssinian donkeys are the main ancestor of these domestic donkeys.

Today, two different races donkey live on this beautiful Mediterranean island. One is a brown donkey with a light nose and belly that is said to have originated from native French donkey breeds and probably came to the island during the Crusades. The second race, which is less has gray color and small in size and their breed reaches Africa. It is estimated that about 80% of Cypriot donkeys are brown and about 20% are small gray donkeys.

Turtles in North Cyprus

Every year, two endangered sea turtles use the shores of North Cyprus for spawning. Both lay their eggs in nests that can be found off the coast of North Cyprus, especially in the soft sands of Alagadi Beach in the east of Kyrenia and the golden coast of the Karpaz Peninsula.
Turtles lay their eggs in the sand between June and October. Rare species of green turtles and sea turtles are still found in North Cyprus. In August and September, if you are lucky, you can see green turtles spawning or baby turtles trying to reach the sea on the pristine beaches of North Cyprus.

Karpaz Peninsula Wildlife

You can also see small groups of monk seals and dolphins near to the Karpaz Peninsula. Similarly, you may come across flocks of goats along the coastline. Some of them may be wild, but these days most of them are domesticated and belong to a local farmer.


The migratory seasons of spring and autumn are the best times to visit wildlife of North Cyprus in order to see as many birds as possible. There are well over 370 species of birds there.

While North Cyprus is home to about 400 species of birds, only 47 species live permanently in North Cyprus. And the two birds are completely native and can only be found in Cyprus. Kıbrıs Kuyrukkakanı and Kıbrıs Ötleğeni
Some great places to go bird watching in North Cyprus include Wetlands around Famagusta, tip of the Karpaz Peninsula, Kyrenia Mountain Range, etc.

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