Important points about North Cyprus

Important points about North Cyprus

Important points about North Cyprus

The island of Cyprus, with its pristine sandy beaches, temperate climate, good geographical location and growing economy, makes it an attractive place to live or vacation.



North Cyprus has a many university, some of which are among the best and most prestigious universities in the world and have a good international ranking. It should be noted that studying in North Cyprus is in English.

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Tourism :

If you want to relax on a pristine beach or have a sea view of your residence; North Cyprus could be a sensible choice. A place that has preserved its historical context over time, but at the same time modern residential complex and entertainment centers have been built to suit every taste.

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The official currency of North Cyprus is the Turkish Lira; However, the euro, the US dollar and the British pound are also accepted. In North Cyprus, buying and selling property in North Cyprus is in British pounds. This currency difference is one of the advantages of this country, which has made it a good option for earning money or investing.

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life expenses:

The average cost of living for a one person varies from 3,000 to 3,500 lira, depending on leisure, smoking,alcohol, restaurants and …

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The crime rate in North Cyprus is about 8 to 13 percent. The most surprising fact for foreigners is that people can safely leave their car unlocked outside the house or anywhere else. One of the advantages of living in North Cyprus is the high safety.

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Although the main language of this country is Turkish, most people are good in English. Road signs, guides and announcements are generally written in both Turkish and English..

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